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New systems, custom builds, and system repair are all available from CPYou! ™ As an experienced user, you may have a precise design for the next system you'll purchase...we can help you get the best value.  Personalized service, delivery and setup included in system purchase, as well as ongoing telephone and on-site support available.   Software setup and configuration services are also available specific to your needs.

Thinking about tossing out that machine that just a short time ago was the latest and greatest?  Maybe you should consider taking a closer look at the upgrade path...some components of older systems are quite useable with today's faster ones.  In fact, with the addition of a bit more memory and/or hard drive, some systems can as much as double their current processing performance.  We offer drives, processors, memory, video cards, sound cards, mainboards; and the configuration work to make your machine run at its peak performance.  AND, we come to you...whenever possible, the work is completed in your office environment, so you don't have to worry about "what-plugs-in-where" after you've taken it somewhere to be fixed. 

Small to Intermediate multi-system businesses have a great need to share resources within their organizations.  CPYou! ™can help you design a network environment specific to your business needs, then upgrade your equipment (as necessary), install and configure all components to work effectively and efficiently for you.



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